Welcome to NTNUI


Dear future NTNUI-member!

Here is a schedule for when our different teams have their tryouts.

Since the volleyball group is popular we have to arrange tryouts for new students since we unfortunately don’t have a spot for everyone. We have 15 teams, 8 for ladies and 7 for men.

There are 4 teams with completely open tryouts, meaning all spots are open. These teams are 1st division for both ladies and men, and the A team in 2nd division for both ladies and men. There are 15 open spots on each team. Our mens team in the elite series have no open tryouts, but main coach Espen Mokkelbost will be present at the tryouts for 1st division men to look for players.

The amount of open spots on every other team will vary a lot, so you have to come to the tryouts to get the information you need. You can also contact the coaches, or any one else on the volleyball board if you have further questions.

NB! Changes to the tryout plan might occour, since matriculation and other activities are going on at the gym during daytime. Any changes will be published on our homepage and our facebook page.

Attention! All tryouts are in the sports building at Dragvoll.

Contact information for the coaches can be found here; Trenere1617


Uttak 16-17